Transiting exoplanets in the habitable zone.

Orbyts 2020 — 2021

UCL's Orbyts programme partners secondary school students at GCSE and A-level with PhD and Postdocs researchers to produce original research. Since 2018 these partnerships have produced more than 10 publications from more than 150 school students in peer-reviewed journals, with contributions from more than 100 students.

The Orbyt's outreach program recently won the 2021 national NEON Widening Outreach award, and I am proud to have been partnered with Parmiter's school to produce original research that will aid in the detection of habitable exoplanets.

Supernova virtual reality.

Bloomsbury Science Festival 2020

Bloomsbury Festival is an annual celebration of the area’s pioneering creativity, presenting an inspiring programme of arts, science, literature, performance, discussion and reflection.

At the 2020 festival we gave young children the opportunity to step inside a supernova using virtual reality headsets; revealing the complexity and power of the universe's most explosive events.

UCL Physics and Astronomy

PandA Festival 2020

UCL Physics and Astronomy Festival celebrates the talent and community in the Physics and Astronomy department at UCL.

Events include stand up comedy, a meme competition, a Physics play, music parodies, (pseudo-)science talks and stalls, origami/funfair games, physics-themed hand-made art and craft.