Other Work


Eigenvectors for a Morse potential solved using the sinc-DVR method.I am also a lead developer of the Julia module juo - a powerful and efficient yet flexible module for solving the rotational, vibrational, and electronic Schrödinger equations based on the original Fortran program Duo by Yurchenko et al..

The package is currently under development but aims to provide a modern and comprehensive environment for spectroscopic calculations of diatomic molecules.

System Administration

With more than one million members, the SpaceX Reddit community is the internet's largest spaceflight forum. The administration team maintaians a substantial wiki which also forms the basis of the r/SpaceX API. We have previously hosted live Q&A sessions with SpaceX employees and other spaceflight professionals, and often attend press conferences and other media events.

The community relies on a significant code base for hosting online events and performing various moderation functions. This activity is supported by a continously running dedicated private server. My role as System Administrator involves managing and maintaining the security and functionality of the server.